Communication Within Nursing

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From your Poster Presentation choose one issue from your Philosophy.
Discuss this Issue in relation to your own field of nursing and one other field of nursing.

The issue that I have chosen to discuss from my philosophy is Communication. I will

relate this to Adult nursing, which is my own field of nursing and also one other field

of nursing, this is Child.

I will first provide an overview of the issue in relation to both these fields of

nursing and discuss why it is important and the impact it has on nursing care.

I will then highlight any similarities and/or differences that may rise between the

two fields.

Adult nurses provide a high standard of essential personal care with dignity and

compassion, while also being able to undertake complex interventions and use

specialist skills, such as communication-the basic skill needed to survive as a nurse.

Philippa Sully (2003) stated that “development of effective working relationships

underpins all aspects of nursing practice. Whether we are exploring the best way to

arrange shift cover or discuss with patients and their families the most appropriate

community care, how we communicate depends on our professional relationships

with all those involved.”

In other words, communication is a key aspect in nursing as a whole. We believe,

without it high standard of care will not be delivered.

Communication within Child Nursing, in all forms is vital to enable the best care

and to reduce fear and anxiety for the child/young person and their parents. Not using

nursing terminology e.g. “E-Coli or Staphylococcus aureus”- to confuse the child and

their parents, but instead breaking it down in plain clear English of what “E-

Coli” actually is, will help them understand what is going on.

There are special communication
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