Nursing Leadership and Management

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Introduction: In recent years, healthcare environment keeps on evolving. Thus, to adapt these changes, leadership skills are crucially required to create a guideline for the new generation of nurses (Zydziunaite 2012). It helps them to anticipate what is being expected from them in the clinical area. Leaders with appropriate skills could display their action and be a role model to empower others and influence them to follow (Jones 2007). Burke (2011) described that with appropriate support and leadership, the potential of all team members can be achieved. The Ministry of Health Malaysia also gives importance to leadership as they believe more leaders are needed in health care to set the right path towards quality services as explained by Ismail (2008). Poor teamwork is encountered in clinical setting but with active partaking of staffs in the interventions, it could be decreased significantly. Kalisch and Lee (2010) have identified that poor teamwork in the clinical setting is one of the challenges faced by the health care sector. They also further states that teamwork is imperative in providing safe care for the patients. This is supported by Pike (1991) by stating that well-bonded teams augment quality patient care. Mayor (2002) claimed that lack of teamwork in clinical setting is increasing the number of patients who die. The aim of this essay is to examine the issue on poor teamwork in the clinical setting and to come up with some strategies that could reduce this incidence. In order to achieve this, SWOT analysis tool will be used to analyze this issue. Further in this essay, few theories such as leadership traits, importance of communication and feedback, and emotional intelligence will be used to discuss further about the issue. In addition, change management together with Kurt Lewin’s Force-Fields Analysis will be applied in order to identify and

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