Leadership in Nursing Care

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Leadership in Nursing Care jessica tove
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR-350: Transitioning into Nursing
May 2014

Leadership in Nursing Care Leaders play an important role in the healthcare facility. They help motivate and encourage other members. They influence other to achieve their goals and set a positive environment. Hood, L. J. (2014). (pg. 456)
Leadership is one of the ten Nursing Core Competencies. It plays a big role on nursing staff. Even though nurses work together as a unit, it always helps to have a leader. The leader is a more experienced nurse then other member of the nursing team. This gives other nurses someone to look up to and feel comfortable going to during a difficult situation and when you need assistance.
Leadership Transitioning In the article The Future of Nursing Leadership: A Commentary, by Kenneth R. White, FACHE, he describes how nursing leaders play a larger role then only on the units. According to White, K. R. (2014) “Nurse were the original servant leaders—at the patient’s beside and in communities- and now they are perfectly positioned to take their experience with leadership to a heightened level. In the new world order, nurses have moved from the background to the boardroom, and they have been put in the spotlight to lead transformation of quality healthcare.” (pg.27). White describes how far nursing leaders have come and play an important role on the healthcare team. In their personal experienced they understand what it takes to be a bedside nurse and a second opinion to the physicians.
Nursing Leaders
They spend their time in areas such as human resources, business planning, quality reporting, information management, and report writing. Nursing leaders aren’t only working when clocked in. To be a leader they need knowledge on the newest technology and up to date information.
Commitment to Excellence
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