Academic and Professional Goals Essay

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Academic and Professional Goals Alan M. Gavami Walden University Dr. Miriam Ross Academic and Professional Goals Currently, I make positive societal change with one patient at a time by showing genuine care and understanding of how they are different with different needs. This is one reason of several that I chose Walden University, since Walden has a keen awareness and teaching on multicultural competence, I find this to be Paramount. Managers in today’s healthcare environment are much more involved in management, planning, cost containment and efficiency, while providing a better work environment for the hospital staff, and better care for the patients and their family. The skills I expect to gain through getting my master’s with Walden University should give me the ability to recognize and understand problems we face on daily bases in the healthcare system. With this knowledge I plan to work toward a more cost effective and delivery system with healthcare provided to the patient population. In building a stronger healthcare system it will not only be profitable, but will also provide better care to all the patient population. As a registered nurse (RN), I have learned that I need to stay flexible and be able to adjust and adapt to the constant change that comes along in my profession. Also as an RN, I look at the healthcare profession as a revolving door, which constantly spins out new concepts, methods, and approaches. I think this will help prepare me for a management position in my field because it is imperative for a manager in this profession to have the ability to adapt, adjust and welcome new ideas and concepts directed to him or her. A manager must be flexible and be accepting of these constant and ever-changing problems that arise in this profession. In the same concept it is also just as paramount for a manager to realize and constantly

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