North American Free Tread Immigration Analysis

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2/17/12 Social Problem 120 The other side of Immigration The main theme of the film is to explain the reason why Mexican migrates to the United States and so they can tell their side of the story and people could get a better understanding of what they go threw. Most of them come to this country to better provided for there family because they are lack of opportunities in rural México or the country side. They migrate to America because of lack of jobs. Most of the people who migrate to the United States are form the poor rural areas and farmers. Lots of these people own grain, beans, strawberries, and pig farms. When the North American Free Tread “NAFTA” was created it hurt a lot of the farmers and the employees. They…show more content…
A lot of them come here not to stay, but just to work so that can provide a better live for their family in Mexico. Most of the people in the film said that “It was hard for them to leave their family behind but they had to do it. It was the only way they could provide for their family”. By them come to the United States and work and send money home back to their family is also helping to stimulate the economy. Mexicans who came to the U.S. send home nearly “25 billion dollars in 2008”. One of the reasons the come to America is for a brighter future not to stay. They can work for 6months and go back to México. Another problem is that a lot of the women are left alone to raise the children and by the time some of the father go back to Mexico the children are all grown up and don’t know their father. The Mexico government needs to do more form there people in stead of putting into there pockets give it there people and help to develop the poor rural areas and help the farmers. Also instead of the American government spending billions of tax payers dollars on deporting people back to Mexico which is clearly not stopping them from crossing the border. Try to help them be giving them work visa. With the work visa the can work in the in country legally and contribute by paying taxes. It will also create revenue for both
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