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WE ARE HERE, EMBRACE FOR IMPACT At least once when we were kids we all accidentally got lost in the store. It’s scary being small in a vast unfamiliar place unaccompanied by your mother, father or guardian to give you any sense of where in the world you are. Lately, there has been an increase of immigrants crossing the border, and a majority of those immigrants are under the age of eighteen; which raises the questions, why are they coming here and is anyone attempting to solve the immigration crisis. Barack Obama was elected 44th United States president, November 4, 2008. During the campaign Barack Obama made several promises he would like to achieve if he became President of the United States; one of his promises was Immigration reform.…show more content…
This angered Latino groups pushing him to make good on past promises to reduce deportations of immigrants living illegally in the country. Since Obama decided to abandon the immigration crisis, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, decided to take this situation into his own matters. He believes that our borders should not be open and vulnerable to exploitation by ruthless criminals. He is focused on making sure drug cartels and other criminals don’t get a free pass into Texas and the rest of the nation because our borders are unsecured. Rick Perry then later decided to send 1,000 guardsmen to the border to assist the Texas Department of Public Safety’s “Operation Strong Safety”. Critics of Perry’s move say the deployment is needless, because crime along the border is relatively low, and surge of Central American migrants over the last year — mostly unaccompanied children. Even though Critics of Perry’s say that his action was unnecessary, at least someone stepped in and took action unlike the Obama. Obama did have good intentions in helping the Mexico and Central America by trying to find a way to help improve the South’s economy to reduce the number of immigrants crossing the border and provide shelter for under age immigrants, but he delayed working with the immigration reform then eventually deciding to postpone the reform.

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