Noam Chomsky on Nafta

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Noam Chomsky on NAFTA One of Noam Chomsky’s major issues about President Clinton’s administration is that his biggest concern lies in supporting the wealthy with the use of government force to support big business corporations. Part of his achievement with NAFTA and other government agreements in the past are just enforced to benefit a small sector of the elite groups and increase their decision-making power. One of his major criticisms with this is that all the wealth goes to only this small sector of the wealthy. Therefore, economic integration is separating the gap in society to an even larger group of low growth and low income and a small sector of the wealthy and powerful. There were many issue and concerns that were brought up by the callers. One was in regards to the length of NAFTA, which brought forth a discussion about the process and secrecy of NAFTA. One minor issue that was brought up was in regards to a lower hour work week. Another issue was the growing nuclear threat in North Korea. One of his arguments of NAFTA was that it was intended to be secret. He proved this by explaining how the Labor Advisory Committee was given this report only one day prior. He goes on to say how it was meant to be lengthy and unreadable to so that they would not have the ability to thoroughly look it over. Here his main argument was about the way is was developed and passed shows how it was pushed by people who were in this private sector of the wealthy, which whom were to benefit from this agreement. He also argues how NAFTA will expand the split of society more, which is making the private sectors richer and the poorer more poor. He stated how most people, even those who were in favor of NAFTA, agree that it will lower the incomes of the majority and benefit the private sectors, mainly the big corporations. He offers several analyses by many

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