No Women in Combat

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Nguyen Huynh Cong Minh S3408907 ENGL 2201 – Group 4 Critical Response Essay | NO WOMEN IN COMBAT In the article, “ No Women in Combat “ wrote by Darren Graves in 2008. The author presents three main points to show that women do not have enough conditions to serve in combat and some illustrations to support his ideas. Graves.D claims that mental toughness and physical strength are the main reasons which prevent women to survive in combat. Furthermore, the author advocates the reason that women often tend to accidents in the high stress situation. Finally, he concludes his viewpoints with disagree vote of women should be in combat like men. The author gives many example about Ms.Faulker case who is the first woman invited to study in a famous American military academy school. It seems the author is really bias to argue the viewpoints that woman is not a person, who had mentally tough enough to survive in combat. Moreover, he also shows some statistics to prove his idea that women do not have enough physical strength. This essay will critically respond to these ideas of the article. Firstly, the author gives the argument that women are not strong enough in mental health. This idea is less convincing to the reader because he gives only one example about Ms.Faulker case and he does not clarify his idea with any statistics. In fact, there are more thousands of women in army, all of them have been studied and lived in military school ( U.S.News 2013). Moreover, everyone will improve and perfect their skills after training in school in short-period time. Of course that there will be difficult and challenging when we are training something. Some of them will give up but some of them will pass and acquire what they need. Therefore, women can achieve enough military criteria to fit in combat. Secondly, another argument that Graves (2008) indicates women are
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