Diversity In The Coaching Profession Essay

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Running head: DIVERSITY IN THE COACHING PROFESSION Diversity in the Coaching Profession University Of Phoenix Diversity in the Coaching Profession The rise of women in this nation is something that is easily seen when one looks back in time and finds that not long ago women had virtually few rights. That growth is evident in the sports world as well. Sports were at one point only for men. Thanks to Title IX, women make up nearly half of the athletes in high school and college. While the opportunities for women to participate in sports have equaled those of the men, there is one important arena of the sports world that is still dominated by men and that is in coaching. An article written by Jolinda J. Ellis and Gerald Masterson…show more content…
Men have been seen as leaders in sports for so long that the idea of venturing into the coaching world may be overlooked by women. Additionally, the lack of women in the coaching field means fewer mentors for young girls to look up to and in turn fewer connections to get them started. “Since there is a lack of female coaches, any female who starts in the coaching profession has a lack of female guidance. Having guidance is important in establishing a network that would allow the coaches to move among schools and other opportunities” (Ellis & Masterson, p.…show more content…
There will come a time when a woman has a tremendous amount of success coaching males. The existing prejudices will slowly disappear and more and more women will get involved in coaching. “The lack of a women's coaching network will be one of the issues that will be taken care of by the passing of time. As more and more women enter the profession, a network will slowly begin to build. This will also take care of the lack of women mentors in the field. As time passes and as long as women still dream of being a good coach, some of these issues will right themselves as society progresses” (Ellis & Masterson, 2007, p.

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