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Name: Tran Hoang Son ID: s3373169 Group: 2 Assessment 2 – Critical Response No Women In Combat In the article, “ No Women in Combat”, published in Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces 1992, Report to the President, November 15, Darren Graves(2008) states that women do not have enough conditions to serve in army although Women have claimed being just as tough as men that they could serve in army like other men. Darren Graves also said that women may have another spot in military but not combat situation. The author is fail on several points, he corrects to consider several important issues. The author claims that a woman is not a person, who had mentally tough enough to survive in combat situation.…show more content…
Moreover, the author gives some example of women in combat from the report of government. For example, Army Maj. Marie Rossi, who is the first woman drives helicopter to fly in combat zone but she get high – stress and killing herself and her crew. In addition, Lt. Kara Green, who was the first woman to fly an F-14 fighter not bear the pressure to fall down in the sea when she try to land on the carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. Although the author gives some credibly evidence but the author fails to mention is that this example might be only a few woman get high –stress or they can not concentrate so that lead to some accidents happening. Moreover, in recent day, woman often works some jobs and getting high positions such as Doctor, engineer, and Psychologists so if they get high – stress how women can do this jobs. Thus, the author need to consider about this ideas because this ideas was thinking bias viewer. In conclusion , the article “ No women in Combat”, Darren Gaves gave reasons why women can not serve in army. Women do not have mentally tough enough to survive and physically strong enough that is 2 reasons to convince the reader that the author offers. However, although the author give some credibly example to show women get high-stress but it just happened some women. Almost women can work in high stress environment better than men. Darren Gaves give two of three argument is right but overall supporting the last argument are overgenalised and lack

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