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New Stalking Intake, Assessment and Evaluation Forms Kimberly Hawkins-Pankratz Colorado Technical University Online Stalking Phase 4 Task 1 IP CJUS 300-02 Professor Lisa Ratliff-Villarreal May 8, 2009 Kimberly Hawkins-Pankratz I was recently asked to construct an intake, evaluation, and assessment instrument to be used in taking information on stalking situations. The following is just that. There is a complete intake sheet with a level of danger after that. I have constructed this intake sheet based on points; it will read how many points the answer is worth followed by the answer chosen. First we will start out with what stalking exactly is. Stalking is when a person…show more content…
This form will be for the employee to compile how dangerous the victims situation is. All the employee has to do is tally up however many points the victims answers to the question come out to and fit it into a category. (A’s are 1 point, B’s are 2 points, C’s are 3 points, and D’s are 4 points). The lower the persons score the higher the risk they are at. There after the employee should tell the victim and help victim receive help. INTAKE SHEET FOR STALKING VICTIMS 1. Do you know who the alleged stalker is? A. Unknown B. EX C. Acquaintance D. Family member 2. Has their daily habits or routine changed to fit yours? A. YES B. NO 3. Is there any reason for this person to be stalking you? (IF NO SKIP 4) A. YES B. NO 4. Is the person…? A. Mad B. Jealous C. Obsessed D. Sad 5. How many people are stalking you? A. More or Unknown B. 3 C. 2 D. 1 6. How long have you noticed this person stalking? A. Unknown B. Months C. Weeks D. Days 7. Have you noticed the stalking on a daily basis? A. YES B.

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