Criminology Unit One Text Questions

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Review Questions 1. What is crime? A crime is a human action that violates a law in any city or state. 2. What are three different types of norms? Given an example of each. Three different types of norms are Folkways: Waiting in line at a grocery store, Mores: Don’t steal from a friend, Laws: Don’t kill 3. What are surveys used for in criminology? What type of information do they collect? Surveys are used for getting people’s opinions on some crimes. They collect information on the victims like their age, race, and gender. 4. What is actus reus? Actus reus is the actual act that was committed by the said person. Mens rea on the other hand would be the motive to do the said act. 5. How are crime and deviance related? Do they represent the same actions? Deviance is the act of going against the social norm and crime is going against the Law which is one of the Norms. They are pretty much the same action. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Emile Durkheim argues that deviance is beneficial to society in a number of ways, such as showing us where the boundaries of acceptable behavior are and that it can bring a group together. Do you agree or disagree with his argument that deviance can be beneficial? Why? I agree that deviance is beneficial to society because it shows the limit and boundaries that we can be pushed. It is also beneficial in the way that the world shouldn’t be perfect and we need to take a break from the norm once in a while 2. If you were going to study some aspect of crime, what research method would you use? Why would you use this method? What advantages would this method give you as you studied your topic? I would probably talk to the criminals and their families as a research method for their motives. I feel that this helps you best get to know the background of the person and their reasoning 3. Why do you think that we should
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