Confidentiality Essay

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Scenario’s for Confidentiality presentation Questions: 1. What would you do as the counsellor? 2. Would you breach confidentiality? 3. What about the Clients view point? 1. A client reveals in a counselling session to the counsellor that they regularly cut themselves. Answer: No wouldn’t breach. Discuss it further with the client and with the supervisor to establish if client has any intentions to commit suicide. Could recommend safety and to contact other relevant agencies if necessary. 2. A client reveals in a counselling session to the counsellor that they regularly fantasise about having sex with children. Answer: Unsure. Wouldn’t initially breach. Need to discuss it further with the client & supervisor. Can’t report thoughts! Need to work out if there is a history etc. 3. A client reveals in a counselling session that they dislike the current political regime in the country and would like to commit an act of terror. Answer: No breach straight away. Need to probe further to make a judgement call. Tim Bond says if someone is putting you in an ethical, moral dilemma can remind client that a counsellor is ‘duty’ bound under Terrorism Act of 2000 4. A client reveals that they have an alcohol problem and frequently drive their own children to and from school whilst being under the influence of alcohol. Answer: Yes, Breach of Child Protection Act. Need to establish what’s going on. Safety of children is paramount. Speak to Alcohol specialist agencies. Establish the individual case. (Can sign an agreement that client will not implicate you!) 5. A client mentions that they raped and murdered someone 10 years ago. Answer: Unsure! Need to establish if it’s not just a fantasy. Speak to supervisor. This is in the Public interest to be disclosed as a serious crime?! Are there chances of re-offending. Potential referral?! 6. A

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