Criminal Investigation Chap 7

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Discuss the photo lineup process. A photo lineup is a process where a witness or victim identifies a suspect through a grid or sequence of at least six photos. Five photos are to consist of “fillers”, and the other photo used is of the perpetrator. “Fillers” can be considered as “look-alikes” that share a physical appearance to the suspect. Technically, there is to be one suspect per lineup. If there are multiple people to be identified, then a new lineup with different “fillers” are produced. If there are multiple witnesses, the fillers should be replaced with different ones. A photo lineup form should be completed and documentation of the procedure should be carried out by the administrator as well. Incident reports are screened to determine the presence or absence of solvability factors. Identify at least nine of these factors. 1. Is there a detailed description of the suspect? 2. Is the suspect named? 3. Is there significant physical evidence? 4. Was traceable property taken? 5. Were deadly weapons displayed or used? 6. Is there a reliable witness? 7. Does the crime fit an established modus operandi or method of operation? 8. Does the nature of the crime necessitate a follow-up? 9. Can a composite sketch of the suspect(s) be prepared? Describe the measures of effectiveness of crime laboratories. Quality. Quality certainly affects the effectiveness of a laboratory. Quality can be observed through the services provided by the equipment and the training of staff that work in the crime lab. There are limitations as to what equipment is capable of individualizing evidence. Therefore, financial resources are needed to enhance the services provided. In addition, there has been a shortage of qualified staff willing to work for crime laboratories because private industries offer a higher salary. This is a case where money and funding has an

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