Nelson Mandela-Inaugural Speech

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Nelson Mandela-Inaugural Speech Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration Speech is a speech full of positive signs for all people regardless if they are black or if they are white.Mandela’s speech used anaphor to express his hope for the people of South Africa,his tone was inspirational,uplifting and commanding. The main themes of the Inauguration speech is in these lines:”We must act together as a united people for national reconciliation,for national building,for the birth of a new world.Let there be justice for all,let there be peace for all”-here Mandela is talking about the unity and justice and peace for all. The words “We” and “Our” are repeated many times in this speech and by making use of these words again and again,he emphasize on the fact that now there is no difference between black and white people. The message of the speech is clear and can easily by understood,his speech gave an insight into the long struggle for democracy and into his beliefs about humanity.Mandela’s inaugural address helped to promote the reconciliation agenda that was to be the hallmark of his presidency.both blacks and whites were uplifted by his explicit commitment to bridging the chasms that had divided the two communities. Mandela wanted both audiences(black and white) to recognize the importance of the turning point that his address represented in the country’s history.He wanted the international community to see the new South Africa as a model state,which could teach others how to reconcile and overcome conflicts of the past,he hoped that South Africa would accept his message of the need to move away from the past and look to the future as a newly united people,who should work together to overcome the legacies of the
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