How Does Martin Luther King Junior Use His Speech to Persuade His Audience?

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How Does Martin Luther King Junior Use His Speech To Persuade His Audience? Dr Martin Luther King had created one of the greatest speeches ever known to man, and it would have not been possible without the use of repetition, inclusive language and emotional language. He uses many different techniques to engage and persuade the audience to listen to his beliefs. Firstly, Dr Martin Luther King uses repetition to emphasize his view an equality of black people in the United States. An example of this would be “let freedom ring”. This quote has been used by Martin to stress how badly the Black people have been treated due to the segregation. It illustrates the suffering and hardship the black people were going through at the time. This quote give the black people hope as they’re need for freedom is being repeated By Dr Martin. The word ‘ring’ makes the audience think of a bell’s sound reverberating through the nation. If the word 'ring' indicates figuratively the echoes that go through out the woods and valleys and towns, the echoes of freedom will reach everyone's ears and make everybody think they are free at last. Perhaps it also means Martin Luther King wants to let freedom dominate the world. This quote makes the reader feel sympathetic for black people because it shows the difficulty the black people faced and how it was disregarded and unacknowledged for numerous years. Secondly Martin Luther King hope for freedom has repeated the phrase “with this faith we will”. This shows that Martin Luther King Junior aspired for freedom and equality for black people. It implies he fought for justice. King didn't just complain about injustice, he also painted a vision of a bright future. The quote illustrates that there is hope for Americans to become one and united nation. He explains that even though there’s a segregation between people, the black people will still
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