Rhetorical Analysis Of I Have A Dream By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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I Have a Dream, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. On August 28, 1963 Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. gave a motivating speech in Washington ironically in front of the Lincoln memorial and the state capital. Over 250,000 people attended and was one the largest demonstrations ever seen in the nation's capital, and one of the first to have extensive television coverage. This civil rights movement enforces the equality laws to protect all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity or any other superficial differences that had been place upon anyone. King wanted an equal reality in America. His dream was displayed in his speech and motivated the world for refined equal rights. Doctor King refereed to his audience as friends creating the feeling of trust; in the audience was a variation of people ranging from all ages, races, sex, and religious backgrounds. The idea that all races attended…show more content…
He talks about without faith all this nothing, faith will bring a country together creating a world were all individuals are equal and that his is ultimate goal and his true passion To conclude his speech he takes lines from one of the most famous songs in America, “My country Tis of thee” he says one day we can sing it will a new meaning. The new meaning that we are proud of our country, how can you have a passion for a country that allows lynching and injustice treatment? When you sing it you will one day take pride and hold your head up high. Then He begins to yell “let freedom ring” and that he did. He names different parts of the world from New york to Coloardo to Tennesese, “from, every mountain side let freedom ring”. The idea that he was creating was we will live in a country where we are brothers with those from all over the world, one day we will be one. Dr king goes into the out come of that saying ALL men will join hands , say free at last and that was the last words he used in his
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