Alfred M. Green's Speech

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Mark Sharktier Smitch AP Lang February 26th, 2013 AP Write 2: Alfred M. Green A true lover of his country, Alfred M. Green believes in the true equality of all men. This vexing persuasion brings forth the power in his statements. By demonstrating true patriotism, religion, family, Green generates motivation that is felt by all. His diction adds a powerful factor in persuading his audience, and the ideas he demonstrates accurately portray his vast knowledge. Green commences his attack my immediately mentioning the backbone of American principles, “...who hearts burns the love of country, of freedom, and of civil and religious toleration.” This instills desire into African Americans to strive in favor of fighting the Civil War, to protect their rights as African Americans and as people. In the same…show more content…
Whilst patriotism and freedom is held close to the hearts of African Americans, Green identifies the Christian religion as equally valued. Since most African Americans at the time were Christian, lines like “Let us, then, take up the sword, trusting in God, who will defend the right” cast an almighty, internal power upon blacks. The sacredness of God and Christianity propels them forward with their belief in fighting for freedom and their rights. Green cleverly recognizes the implications that this will insue, thus letting the powerful notion of religion do all of the motivation. A family is a family, and the love between one is unbreakable. Green motivates blacks by a reminder of their “brethren” down south. He claims they are “oppressed” and are in need. He portrays slavery with “a tyrant system”, giving African American’s even more motivation to serve and fight against the injustice in the South. Finally, Green uses his ability in diction to motive African American’s. Phrases like “let us” and “take up the sword” all induce powerful thoughts into the minds of the audience, not just blacks. It creates a sense of patriotism Green alludes to in the beginning of the piece. Alfred M. Green does not rely of accusatory statements to get his point across. Instead he simply reminds blacks and whites of the principles America is founded on. This method is more powerful than ordinary words could speak, and his passion was surely
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