Nazi Persecution Of Jews Essay

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Were attacks on Jewish businesses the worst effect of the Nazi persecution of the Jews 1933 - 1939? Attacks on Jewish businesses can be seen as the worst effect of the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews due to many reasons. Nazi demonstrations against the Jews were made between these years starting in 1933 when Hitler had ordered an official one-day boycott of all Jewish professions. The SA would go as far as to physically prevent Jewish workers from getting into there businesses and painted the ‘Star of David’ on the doors and windows of shops owned by Jews surrounded and accompanied by discriminating posters covered in anti-Semitic slogans telling the people of Germany not to buy from Jewish businesses and that they are not needed in Germany.…show more content…
Following the death of Von Rath Citizens of Germany were angered and Hitler had used this to his full advantage and stated that if any violence were to be taken out against the Jews as a result of the shooting he would not intervene. Some Nazi leaders stood back and watched incidents happen and some even took it as an order to attack the Jews; SA and SS forces were sent out to go cause trouble with the Jews and were ordered to organise demonstrations and arrest as many Jews as they can. On the 9th and 10th of November, gangs smashed up Jewish property and attacked Jews. A listed 814 shops, 171 homes and 191 synagogues were destroyed, about 100 Jews were killed. The damage of this left the night being called “The Night of Broken Glass” or Kristallnacht (Crystal Night). Out of all these reason I believe the shooting of Ernst Von Rath to be the most important reason to the persecution of Jews as it was a justification and gave evidence to all the bad propaganda that Hitler and the Nazis were spreading about Jewish
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