Holocaust Loss Of Humanity Essay

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CY Jeon 15/3/2014 Mrs. Guerin Stain of Humanity “The Holocaust is not only a tragedy of the Jewish people, it is a failure of humanity as a whole”. A quote once said by Moshe Katsav. As you guys might already know, I am here to talk about the holocaust, one of the most tragic events that occurred in human history. Although us human are living in a world where average of 146,357 death per day, why does holocaust bother us so much? Why does the name “Holocaust” disturb us so much? Maybe it is because of the inhumane way the Nazis treated the Jews, perhaps like Moshe said this event really was a “failure of humanity” Nazis stripped identities and rights away from Jews. Jews were dehumanized and their identities were taken away, they were violated both physically and mentally. But what has the rest of the world done? What were they doing while these people were getting stepped on? The world as a whole failed stand up for the suffering behalf of the victims. World as a whole was a bystander, contributing to the genocide of the Jews. The first crime that Nazis committed was to take the identities of Jewish-people away. The first step the Nazis took to dehumanize Jews was…show more content…
Nazis, not only did they take Jew’s uniqueness away, they took their rights away. Right to be with family, Rights to free and most importantly Rights to live. These crucial rights were stripped off from Jewish people. For example, In the book “Night” Elies and his father was separated from the rest of their family forever. They were treated no better than animals and slaves. They were forced to work, to work for their murderers. Obviously there is no “freedom” in these actions. When people became too weak to work, their rights to live was burnt off in the chimney of hatred. Although these inhumane events were happening, no other countries were responsible enough to investigate what was going
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