Kristallnatch The Prelude To The Holocaust

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Kristallnatch the prelude to the Holocaust, kristallnatch was an open attack on the Jewish community in Germany, named for the broken glass of the windows of Jewish businesses destroyed in that night. In this essay we will study the antecedents of kristallnatch, what happened in that night and what were the consequences of that act. Kristallnatch's Antecedents, with the night of broken glass began an open and systematic persecution of Jews on the 3rd reich. The 3rd Reich had been persecuting Jews but not openly, in 1938 20000 German Jews from polish origin were kidnapped and deported to Poland. On 7 November 1938, Grynszpan a Jew who had escaped to France shot Von Rath a secretary of the German Embassy in France for denying help to Grynszpan's parents who were deported to Poland. Von Rath died on November 9th because of the injuries. What happened on Kristallnatch?. The murder of von Rath by a Jewish served as the pretext for the Nazis to begin what would end up in the Holocaust, on the night from 9th to November 10th 1938, the nazis people destroyed almost all synagogues in Germany and Austria, all businesses Jews were attacked and Jewish cemeteries were dishonored, 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps, 91 jews were killed and the rest of them tormented. The consequences of Kristallnatch, the event in Germany was rejected by various and praised by others, many governments cut off relations with Germany in protest. The Jews who remained in Germany were forced to pay a fine of one billion marks for the damage in kristallnatch, Jewish children were not accepted in schools and there was a mass escape of Jews living in territories ruled by the 3rd Reich. As we saw the Kristallnatch was not a spontaneous act but an act orchestrated by the nazis who had been waiting for the right occasion to performed it, with that act the Nazis declared an
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