Informative Essay On The Holocaust

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History Assessment! The Holocaust was a unique event in the 20th Century history and for all Jews. The holocaust was one of the worst examples of Anti - Semitism recorded. The Holocaust is remembered by Jews all over the world this very day as it signifies all the innocent lives which were taken. In this essay, I will be including and explaining the real facts and figures of what happened in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a time of devastation and corruption. It was a time of cruelty and it was terribly inhumane. The Holocaust and its supporters tried vainly to make the world perfect, but only succeeded in killing millions. The Nazi’s and Adolph Hitler spoke against Jews even before the start of World War II, they blamed them for…show more content…
Not only were the Jewish people killed, but Hitler and his group of supporters weren’t happy with that. They wiped out the mentally ill and the physically handicapped. Hitler remarked them "un worthy of life." The Nazi’s even kidnapped children with a German origin to Germany. Catholic priests and nuns were also Nazi targets. Out of the four DVD’s that we had watched, the one which had the most impact on me was Boy in the Striped Pyjamas because it shows how unaware the people outside of the concentration camps are of what is really happening in the world and what they are not helping to stop. The main characters are Shmuel (Jewish kid), Bruno (the boy), Elsa (the mum), Ralf (the officer and dad) and Gretel (the sister). In the movie The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas it shows viewers how Jewish people were actually treated. The movie also shows how soldiers tried to keep what they were doing to the Jewish people a secret. People believe the holocaust didn't happen, also the Germans tried to hide what they were doing to the Jews. The magazines and newspaper failed to acknowledge what was happening in their paper. Although people believe the holocaust did not happen, it did, and a lot of Jewish people were murdered, even children were murdered. The main events were: 1. When the family moved to their new
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