how did life change for the average german under nazi rule

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I believe that life changed drastically for the average German in between 1933 and 1939 under Nazi and Hitler’s rule. I intend to show how life changed for these people and the many different communities in Germany in between these times. In 1933 the were lots of different communities in Germany but it was very varied on who would come out the better and who would come out the worse from Nazi rule in the long run. The community that were treated by far the worse were without question the Jewish people of Germany. Hitler and most Nazis believed that Jewish people were devils and only wanted to conquer the world and bring destruction to everything that people had worked hard to achieve. They also believed that all Jewish people were communists a group that most people did not like at all and so it turned more people against Jewish people. The Nazis also then made a new class for everyone apart from Jewish people and therefore telling the Jewish people that they were inferior to everyone but themselves. All in all Jewish people were treated like rats. Nazis were constantly putting up posters showing Jewish people as dirty ugly deformed scum of the world. Another group of people were the workers and they benefited at first as Hitler did make a lot of jobs that were not there before and so reducing the unemployment figures from 6 million to only one million. He did this by making public work projects in which built such things as an autobahn (motorway) and also he wanted to expand the army so he made a lot of job opening in the military such as he wanted a new air force called the Luftwaffe in which you would pilot planes such as The Me109 (the Nazis answer to the legendary British aircraft The Spitfire) he would also need people to repair these aircrafts and ships and so on. He also wanted to win around the trust of industrial workers as they were very important
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