Stereotypes Against Jewish Immigrants

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ADJUSTMENT AND STEREOTYPES AGAINST JEWISH IMMIGRANTS 1 Insight on Hardships of Jewish Immigrants Matt Fischetti Union County College Professor Cohen; Minorities in America, Sociology 206 ADJUSTMENT AND STEREOTYPES AGAINST JEWISH IMMIGRANTS 2 In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s the world was falling into despair and chaos. Some European Countries, especially Germany were staging a genocide of an entire ethnicity. At the helm of all these horrific actions was a man named Adolph Hitler. He still could not get over the mortifying truth behind the World War I. He tried so desparately to create a total blonde-haired, blue eyed poplation and anyone who wasn’t of that demographic was to be executed. Purifying the world as a complete Aryan race was his idea of perfect. Hitler could not see a world with anyone but his “own” people and his main target were the Jewish people of the surrounding countries. Many countries that Germany asked for help were very hesitant to lend a helping hand so Adolf Hitler attempted to take over the world by himself. It is believed that Adolf Hitler had put a tremendous amount of blame on the Jewish population for the losses of World War I and embarrassment that wouled ensue Germany afterwards. Becoming the juggernaut nation in it’s way up, the United States had the ability to protect the Jewish population of America in 1938, but Franklin D. Roosevelt felt that World War I was still too close in history that he felt it was best to not be involved quite yet. Policy in The United States prohibited many Jewish citizens from becoming a U.S citizen. Franklin D. Rooseevelt’s regulations also affected the U.S citizens and the immigration dilemma that was about toi happen before Hitler’s actions came into play. The United States was not at a stable point in time having just started to come out of the Great Depression of
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