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National Honor Society Essay When I first received the letter inviting me to become part of the National Honor Society, my initial reaction was shock. To be able to join such a prestigious organization at such an early time of my life made me realize that my hard work and dedication towards academics is finally being recognized. Ever since middle school, hearing about this organization made me strive to become the best I could be. It made me work harder than I ever have before. It was something idolized by many, and the fact that I was invited to it brought up a sense of joy and gratitude. This organization will not only reflect the work I have put in to achieve academic excellence, but will cause me to push harder and challenge myself to become even better than what I already am. According to, the qualities of a successful student are 1) Successful students attend classes regularly. They are on time. They listen and train themselves to pay attention, 2) Successful students take advantage of extra credit opportunities when offered, 3) Successful students are attentive in class, 4) Successful students see their instructors before or after class or during office hours about grades, comments on their papers, and upcoming tests, and 5) Successful students turn in assignments…show more content…
Not only me, but my fellow classmates, family members and friends. Being able to participate in activities and meetings within this organization will allow me to learn and improve the skills of a leader, work-ethic, and the qualities of a successful student. If I were to be accepted, I plan on getting more active within my community, whether it be from volunteering at a local animal shelter, or picking up trash on the side of the highways. These simple acts of kindness not only reflect myself as an individual, but also the excellence in Wakeland High School’s National Honor Society

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