National Honor Society Narrative Report

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Being retained taught me a valuable lesson of taking education opportunities for granted. This lesson sparked a fire inside to never want the feeling of failure again. The news of being held back was devastating for me. In my mind everything seemed as if it was going downhill and I wanted to just give up on school. It was not until my Sunday school teacher told me that "Everyone falls sometime in life; it is the strong and determined that will get back up and start over again". From that very moment I did my best at whatever I did, whether school, sports, or being a leader. The second time I repeated the 7th grade I achieved A/B honor roll the entire year. Due to my accomplishment, the principal offered me the opportunity of being placed in my correct grade. Though this was a wonderful opportunity I decided to decline the offer. This was my time to shine and better myself and being promoted would only hinder my advancement. Of course, there were people who doubted my decision but it is my life and I was satisfied.…show more content…
In high school, I continued to excel, with a new goal in mind, obtaining entrance into The National Honors Society. This elite society is for the top scholars of the school. I was placed in the AICE Program (Advance International Certificate of Education) which challenges my academic power. I succeeded in the most rigorist courses with the National Honors Society on my mind. My hard work soon paid off because in the spring of my 11th grade year I was inducted into the National Honors Society Gold Key Chapter. This moment brought me great joy and the feeling of

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