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Dear Teachers of Honors Algebra 2, My name is Melissa Martinez. I think that I am a great student to be in Honors Algebra 2. I always turns in their homework on time. I am also a hardworking student. When I have free time and friends need help with their homework, I would volunteer to help them during lunch. My best subject is in math and it’s also my favorite subject. On my sixth grade CST scores, in math, was 600 out of 600. I believe I am more than capable to be in Honors Algebra 2. Everyone has dreams. I have dreams. You have dreams. We all have dreams. It is how we act on our dreams that set us apart from each other. I chose not to sit and just dream, I chose to act on my dreams and do everything possible to pursue and reach my dreams. To reach my dreams, though, I know I will have…show more content…
As Bill Gates once said, “Patience is a key element of success.” This quote is true. Without patience, Gates would have never created Microsoft. It took Thomas Edison thousands and thousands of tries before he created the light bulb. We would still be using candlelight today, if Thomas Edison would not have had patience for his creation. I am a big dreamer. I reach for the highest point possible in everything I pursue. I pursued to make honor roll while in middle school and was successful. Even middle school dreams that I have reached would not have been possible if I had not had patience. Now, I am ready for the next chapter to begin in my life, high school. As an incoming freshman, I know that Honors Algebra 2 is the class for me. The only thing I believe is missing that will help me on my journey of fulfilling my dreams is to be accepted in to the Honors Algebra 2. Being a part of the Honors Program will give me an advantage above all other students, a great education in math, and excellent credentials when applying for scholarships and colleges. I can only hope you will allow me to shine in the Honors Program and help me to fulfill my

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