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National Honor Society By: Aleesta Clodfelter National Honor Society is having the characteristics of leadership, character, and service. I think that National Honor Society is the right thing for me because my parents have instilled in me a sense of responsibility and the care for others. This is such a formidable opportunity itself to be involved in due to the dedication of helping and caring for others, and being associated with multitudes of non- profit organizations. Leadership plays a huge role. I’ve always tried to show more of an independent role as a student, and help others who don’t quite understand the things that I do. I would tutor other students in whatever subject they needed help on and encourage them not to give up. I would want people to look at me and see that I have the qualities of being a leader. There are many instances where I have showed leadership, but I would have to say most of my time has been involved in various group projects. I have served an abundant amount of my time by giving back to my community. I enjoy being involved in outreach programs that involve the aid for some of the countries that have immeasurable amounts of poverty. Just by being dedicated to my community has showed me a gateway of other qualities that I have acquired, such as: fairness, and citizenship. This will show my character, and help to become an even superior leader. My character shows a lot about me as a person. I uphold the principles of morality, and also try to be honest and trustworthy. I care about the opinions of my peers, and try not to be judgmental. Throughout my years at the high school, I’ve always tried my best to work hard and be all that I can be to succeed in life. My grades are the most important thing for me to maintain during my high school career. Not only do I focus on my academics but I strive to be

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