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National Honor Society As a Student, it is great honor to be nominated as a candidate for National Honor Society. It felt as though the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. I believe that I have the motivation, the determination, and the personality for the group. Though my grades aren't always what I want, I will continue to do my best and work hard to improve in this area. I feel that being involved in this organization is equally important and will help me build a foundation for college. As a member of the NHS I feel that I can further improve and be useful to my peers and community. Throughout my school years, I have been involved in many school activities. I have participated in the Science Fair on two occasions: both my projects went to district. In Elementary school, I received a citizenship award during the 4th grade. In middle school, I was involved intensively in orchestra and competed in U.I.L concerts throughout the district. Although my leadership needs improvement, I'm hoping to become an effective leader in school, outside of school, and at home. I know that with the help of other NHS members, I can accomplish my goals. Citizenship is also an important trait in a person's character. A person's time and commitment shows others that you really care. i believe that my citizenship personality is transparent. I am very respectful, responsible, cheerful, and very helpful person. I believe that everyone shouldn't be judge a book by it's cover." You'll never know how important matters, whether big or small, because in life that is what really counts. I dedicate my time to help others and to help our community. I have participated in my church school program by helping other students with their school work. Several of my close friends and I have made quilts for children in the hospitals during the Christmas holiday. I try to help others at

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