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Narrative Introduction : Greed a Curse Essay

  • Submitted by: dhwani143
  • on June 25, 2012
  • Category: History
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Ankit Mehta
Teacher’s Name: Sally waren
ENG 101
Narrative Final Draft

Greed a Curse
It was an ordinary Saturday night, and just like most of the other nights, I was hanging out with my friends. We had agreed to grab dinner at Taco Bell earlier that day right after we were done with our shifts at work. I was excited to get together as well as to eat, since Taco Bell had been my favorite place to eat for many years. We had all finished eating pretty quickly and decided that we should do something since the night was still young and all of us did not really have anything to do the next morning. I suggested that we can go back and hang out at my house but Dave, one of my closer friends for many years, said we should all go to the casino. I had never been to the casino before and did not intend to go since my parents had always told me how easy it is to get caught up into gambling. Of course, my friends once again had convinced me and forced me to go with them, but I had promised myself that I would not spend a single buck during my time there. That night I only watched my friends play and win a decent amount of money. I was happy for them. I really wanted to play but my instincts would not let me. The second time I went there, I ended up playing and it quickly became a routine. After certain awful incidents I decided never to gamble in my life and learned a big life lesson from the events that took place.
Exactly a week after, I ended up at the casino along with my friends once again. I was watching one of my friends trying his luck at one of the slot machines. Unexpectedly he won as three similar images aligned next to each other. I had never seen Tom so happy at the same time I was fascinated by the idea of getting so much money out of betting such little amount.
“I don’t understand why you don’t like gambling. Sure you lose some money, but at the end you most likely end up with a profit,” said Tom while proceeded to try his luck once again on the...

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