Of Mice and Men - Letter from Curly's Wife to Her Mother

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Dear Mother, I guess I haven’t been much of a daughter these last months, after I ran out like I did and didn’t call or write. I’m sorry for running out and leaving you like that. I was mad and I needed to get away. Me and you’ll never see eye to eye about that producer and the letter he said he’d send. I guess you’ll believe what you’re going to believe and I’ll believe in myself. This may come as a shock but I got married. No, not to the producer, but to a farmer! I was going to work my way to Hollywood and then try to get into the movies but I met Curley in Soledad and, after a real quick romance, we got married two months ago. I’m living on the ranch now and, truth be told, I don’t think I can be here much longer. I made a mistake in marrying Curley. I needed a way out of living with you and the only way I could do that was to marry someone, to be respectable. Curley was following me around like a pup for weeks and I liked the attention he gave me, I could see the way it tore him up to see me talking with other guys, even though we weren’t together. I thought it was kind of sweet. He seemed to be so in love with me. He promised he’d give me everything, clothes, money, jewels. Even said he’d come with me to Hollywood. It was the answer to all my dreams. So, after a while, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We got married two days later in the church at Salinas. We didn’t have a honeymoon. We just came back to the ranch and had a dance in one of the barns. It was wonderful but I didn’t see any of my family, and the only friends there seemed to be the workers, and every one of them was frightened of Curley. He got really aggravated if one of the guys asked if I wanted to dance. Not really a dream wedding but I was so happy to be heading for Hollywood. Two months down the line and Curley hardly talks to me now. Or, if he does, he shouts. Thinks I’m a

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