To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel Essay

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Write a Sequel-To Kill a Mockingbird Every summer on my way home from college I stop in front of the old court house and think back to that summer that shaped my future. Maycomb hasn’t changed much in the year’s sense then. The grass still grows wildly from the sidewalk and everyone in the town still knows everything about everyone. Your last name is just as important today as it was 15 years ago. This court house made me want to make a difference and watching Atticus that day defending Tom Robinson, although I didn’t know it than, gave me a great respect for him, the law and what I can do to help people and do the right thing. Atticus retired from law a few years back. Although he still helps down at the court house from time to time and…show more content…
“Hi Jem, how are the kids?” I ask. “They are both great Scout, reminds me so much of you and I! I hope you don’t mind me meeting you here. Dill had something come up and he couldn’t meet you,” Jem says with a smile. I tell him of course I don’t mind but I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Dill has met me at this court house every year sense I went away to college. It was sort of our thing. Dill continued to come to Maycomb every summer until his last year of school. At that time his mother and step-father decided that they wanted to move to California. Dill decided that instead of going with them he wanted to move to Maycomb. He moved in with his aunt, who later that year passed away220, and left Dill her house. “How has work been?” I ask Jem with a smile. “Oh alright, Mr. Tate thinks I might be able to take over the station someday when he retires,” he says with a big grin and puffing out his chest like a rooster. Jem didn’t get to play football like he wanted to after that life changing night with Mr. Ewell. He healed alright but his arm was never the same. Jem ended up marrying his high school sweetheart right out of school and instead of moving into Finch Landing, he moved into Mrs. Dubose old house, which was in probate for years until
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