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Hello, may I help you? Yes, I am a student at Austin Community College (ACC) and one of the requirements for a course that I am taking is to do service learning. What is service learning if school student collect trash out of an urban streambed, they are providing a valued service to the community as volunteers. Also let me tell you my volunteer experience. My volunteering experience was a conducted experience at South by South West(SXSW)which is a day of fun and interactive with people. My supervisor name was Gabriel Tello. I choose this agency because it help me get to know the film industry and keep contact with production companies. Since a local agency, I knew it would be a good background for my career in the near future. I rendered service to the agency. My service included internship and volunteering. The main duty I had to performs was to sound check the mic and speakers before the bands go live. Also the main objective I want to pursue was to know everything about sound check and film? I interacted with Martin Dallas A&R for Def jam we talk about business. I owing work doing the night. After my second day, my supervisor have me work at the secret Justin Timberlake it was a great experience working there because I never went to music event. My volunteer experience at South by South West (SXSW) impacted my life. From my experience I have learned a lot of entertainment

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