Eulogy Of Mr. Gatsby

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We are all gathered here today to remember and celebrate the life of Mr. Jay Gatsby. It shocks me to see how empty his house is today. Most of you knew Jay for his extravagant parties, but today it seems like his house is practically empty. The first time I ever saw Jay was at one of his many parties, and I continued to attend every party after that. They were just so fun, so full of life, so exciting! However, not many of the guests who attended his parties really knew Jay, like I did. To others, Jay gave off a sort of mysterious persona. The rumors that were said about him were completely ridiculous! Rumors spread like wild fire every single day. When I heard the rumors being said, I decided that I was going to meet Jay and make my own opinions of him after I actually knew who he was. Once I finally met him, all the rumors I had ever heard seemed to be completely insane! The people who attended his parties spread rumors simply for their own entertainment. They all tried to make it seem like Jay was a terrible man, when really, all he ever wanted was to be accepted by everyone. The one thing I will remember most about Jay was the amount of generosity he had. I’m not just talking about the endless nights of parties he had for people to be entertained and have a good time, however. Jay was one of the wealthiest men I ever knew, but he didn’t flaunt it like the other wealthy people I have known throughout my life. Jay didn’t spend his money on himself, and spoil himself with extravagant things. He liked to share his wealth with others, and one time at his parties he even bought a woman a new designer dress! She tore her dress, and it wasn’t his fault at all, but he replaced it for her without any questions asked. That was my absolute favorite thing about Jay, he was never a selfish man. He loved seeing other people happy, and he loved to be the reason for their
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