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Sara Sandoval Professor Abend English 111 1 February 2015 Following Steven’s Footsteps My earliest memories of him were in our small home in Cortez, Colorado where we grew up. I never knew my brother would have such a great impact on my life. Steven Sandoval came from small beginnings, however, he would accomplish much in his youth, and potentially much more later on. From my birth in 1989 until now he has taught me of patience, love, and what hard work can get you in life. Almost always when I was child in our small home in Cortez I’d always hear the rustlings of Lego pieces in our room and a small voice saying “Sisto, wake up let’s build something” (Sandoval). Steven was always creating something new and interesting daily in our…show more content…
I remember he was into music from a game called Final Fantasy which led to him printing out the music and after dinner every day up until the show he practiced. I remember being too shy to enter the talent show and I remember he told me, “Sis’ you have to live and not care what anyone thinks of you” (Sandoval). He had said nothing more and left the option open. Steven never criticized or made fun of anyone for their short comings he always encouraged. He has the self determination to challenge himself. By the time the talent show came around many participants arrived and presented their talents they brought from their countries and some were unique and very interesting. I recall waiting for Steven to come on, he was the last performer. I remember the room got silent as our fellow classmates saw the “quiet kid” get onto the stage, with his red shirt, khaki pants, and messy hair. I heard laughing and giggling as they all made fun of him, he was not afraid or embarrassed he simply shut the world out, one of his many talents. I watched as he sat down and cracked his knuckles and took a deep breathe. He surprised the whole school as he played the piece, “Johnny C. Badd”. I remember looking around feeling proud and full of happiness because my brother had showed everyone up, not only with teaching himself piano but being

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