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LMichelle McKnight Professor Dauer ENC 1101 – TTH 11:30AM 22 October 2012 The Creativity of Nail Art The creativity of nail art has increased dramatically in the past decade. The concept of nail designs has evolved along with popular culture as a whole. Nail art is an extremely broad term that can be used to describe just about any design that is placed onto the natural or artificial nail. Nail art can be super complex or simple depending on what suits someone’s style. As many aspects of nail art as there are, there are 3 types of nail art that are in high demand - freehand design, 3D art, and airbrush design. These three types of nail art are in high demand at most – if not all – salons in America. Although nail art was not originated in America, I believe that nail art is one of the most creative forms of art created in this country. The first form of nail art that came about is freehand painting. Freehand nail art is a type of nail art that an artist does by hand with various size brushes and different tools. Tools used can be dotters, stripers, etc. To do freehand nail art you do not have to be a fantastic artist. Freehand nail art can be strategically placed lines or dots or just random lines or dots. It all depends on what one likes. This type of nail art can also be extremely detailed and complex. Some people who do freehand nail art can draw detailed pictures, make abstract designs and even do fancy letters. Freehand is exactly what it sounds like. There are no particular rules to freehand because it is all about being creative and original. There have been many of times when I have gone into a salon to get my nails done and have seen what nail technicians call a design board. A design board is just a poster of designs that the clients can chose from. When a client likes a design on the design board she will show it to her nail technician and the

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