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HIGHER ART & DESIGN JEWELLERY DESIGN Bangle by Peter Chang 1989 Blue acrylic, red polyester resin and mixed materials. Height 60mm x Width 171mm. Born in Britain in 1944, Peter Chang is a leading contemporary jewellery artist. He has exhibited his jewellery widely and has received numerous international awards. His main materials are plastics, PVCs, acrylics and resins - materials which are normally associated with mass produced everyday throwaway items. Chang, however, treats his man-made plastics with the same respect as a jeweller working with conventional precious materials such as gold, silver and diamonds would. His bracelets and brooches can be striking, big and luminous or delicate, small and frail - but they are always recognisable due to the materials used, unusual shapes and extremely bright colours. Chang is also known for his innovation in including found objects into his jewellery designs. His jewellery can take several hundred working phases to create, and involves a very high level of craftmanship. Chang is the only jewellery artist at present who uses plastics so widely, revealing qualities in the material that were previously undiscovered. Marks Discuss the ways in which Peter Chang uses unusual materials, colour, pattern (a) and form to create distinctive, eye-catching and decorative jewellery. Do you feel this is a wearable piece? Give reasons for your answer. 10 (b) Evaluate the work of at least two jewellery designers working in different periods or styles. Describe their use of materials and where their sources of inspiration may have come from. 20

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