Edward Marshall Boehm

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1.0 Case Summary Edward Marshall Boehm was a farmer and also a nature lover staying nearby New York City. Inspired by his wife and his friends, he turned his interest of self-made clay animal sculptures into a small business by selling them to the art markets. He also managed to create porcelain clay which is equivalent to the world’s quality. Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc. is a small, high-quality porcelain art objects company that has been very successful, particularly at producing images of vanishing species of birds. These pieces are complex sculptures selling from $100 to over $20,000, and are sought by some sophisticated collectors. The company is run by Mr. and Mrs. Boehm: he is the artist and master of the complex hard paste porcelain manufacturing process; she is in charge of the marketing and financial aspects of the business. At the end of the case, demand for the artistic creations is growing, and many of the company’s past policies no longer seemed appropriate. The Boehms wanted to position the company for the long run. Their stated goals for the company were “to make the world aware of Mr. Boehm’s artistic talent, to help world wildlife causes by creating appreciation and protection for threatened species, and to build a continuing business that could make them comfortably wealthy, perhaps millionaires.” 2.0 SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is a way to see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business. For Mr. Boehm this is a great plan he could have used to analyze his production process of figurines. Strengths 1.Mr. Boehm had a great production line. He was working himself to make the self-made clay animal sculptures. At that time, no one can make the self-made clay animal sculptures like his. He has the technical means of products and intellectual property. Here he is using his resources to their greatest

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