Bsbcus301B Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers-Project 1

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Project 1 The scenario will be a customer coming into a hairdressing salon to have her hair permed. ◦ Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations The customer requires a perm; she expects a curly perm that will last. ◦ Assess the urgency of the request The customer would like the perm as soon as possible, as her hair is getting quite long and the next cut will cut the existing perm out. ◦ Determine priorities for service delivery As it just so happens we have had a cancellation and the customer can have an appointment in 15 minutes ◦ Inform customers about available choices The customer is informed that there is a cancellation and that the perm and can done today or an appointment can be made for her this time tomorrow. The customer decides to have her hair permed now. ◦ Assist in the selection of preferred options When seated, customer is informed that she has a choice of roller size to determine the curl size of her finished style. The customer decides. ◦ Seek appropriate assistance from other personnel where appropriate The junior is summoned to take the customer to the basin to wash her hair. ◦ Provide prompt service to customers Another customer has entered the salon it is for the cancelled appointment, she is enquiring if her cancelled appointment is still available? ◦ Identify when they, or the organisation, is unable to address the customer needs and the appropriate course of action to take She is informed that her cancelled appointment has been filled and another appointment date is offered to the customer, however she is undecided. She is given a business card with a selection of dates that are currently available tomorrow and the customer leaves. ◦ Establish and maintain rapport with customers The customer having her hair wash is now back in the chair for her perm. It is explained to her that the hair will be permed

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