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BSBWHS401A – Assessment 7 Task 1: a) To complete an Incident report it must contain the date, time, where the incident happened, what the person was doing, any equipment being used, current control measures – if any were in place and any witness reports. You must state if the person was hurt, what the injury was, if they needed first aid or any other medical treatment. For any incident or near miss records need to be filled in the same way. Records must be maintained, up to date and accurate and stored safely and securely in accordance to the companies Policies and Procedures. b) If time is needed off work the Supervisor must advise the Senior WHS consultant before the end of the working day. The incident must be investigated. The…show more content…
SUBSTITUTION: There are other brands and types of box cutters on the market we have investigated and we believe the spring loaded retractable blade kind with safety cover would be the most affective. For packaging tape we have identified a different cutter can be used with a thin enclosed blade rather than the typical box cutter that can slip and still cause injury. There are big pieces of automatic box cutting machinery that can be used, however they are very expensive and we have determined this to be unreasonable, as unpacking boxes makes up a small part of daily tasks. ISOLATION: There is no need to isolate the knives or create a special unpacking controlled area. If stored properly the knife won’t harm you on its own. We looked into a designated cutting area but we have no reports of injuries that have been obtained by people cutting other people. ENGINEERING: Our cutters are being changed and along with the gloves we won’t need any other engineering work. ADMINISTRATIVE: Training will be provided on safely using the new box cutters, instructions will be printed and places in the store room where most of the unpacking s

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