1.04 Honors World History

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1.04H Over the last few years, the United kingdom has been the country everybody has taking about. The united kingdom claimed to have reached their golden age in the 1920's, however, they seem to be making a comeback. Britain has made an amazing impact in the worlds pop culture industry. The countries biggest artistic success come from the music industry. Music from British artists is spreading fast, becoming more and more popular throughout teenagers worldwide. Authors from the U.K. Have become extremely popular, along with fashion designers, actors, etc. In addition, The U.K created Red Nose day. Red Nose Day in celebrated to support Comic relief. People wear red and donate money to contribute to the cause. The have raised over 1.2 billion dollars. The U.K. has also made a large impact in the scientific/ medical community. Sir Tim Bennett lee invented the world-wide-web, the base of all internet access. Another amazing finding was the discovery of embryonic cells. These embryonic cells have the potential to cure cancer. For a long time the U.K. Has held its place as the 2nd largest economy in Europe. A large contributor to the British economy is tourism. London receives the most international tourists in the whole world. This brings loads of money into the country, therefore boosting the economy. Queen Elizabeth the second stands of head of the country. The UK. Solves problems by passing acts of parliament that can abolish any written or unwritten element of the Constitution. Queen Elizabeth does an amazing job of keeping the country up and running while also influencing the remainder of the
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