With Reference to Figure 3 and Your Own Knowledge, Explain How the Usa Maintains Its Superpower Status

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Figure 3 shows that the USA maintain their superpower status due to the aid they provide, the number of worldwide TNCs they own, and the global military presence they have which keep them strong. However, there are also other reasons such as their political unions and cultural hegemony. The first map of Figure 3 shows the top 20 countries receiving aid from the USA, although this also shows that there are many more that are not on the map which also receive aid. Countries such as Peru, Iraq, Haiti and Egypt all receive aid from the USA as they are all third world, developing or war stricken countries who, without the aid of the USA, who probably be living in absolute poverty. This increases the respect for the USA and builds up their friendship, but at the same time, it may also keep these developing countries in debt to the USA keeping the USA in power as they cannot be economically challenged. The USA is also part of many IGOs such as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), and UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation). This also increases the influence around the world keeping them in power as NATO offers military protection to any country part of it and the USA are known for their large military and they also have the largest military expenditure at a total of $1,738 billion. The second map of Figure 3 shows the countries of the world such as Russia, China, India, Australia and Canada which have a McDonalds, a massive global TNC along with Starbucks, Coca-Cola, KFC and Nike. The USA are making money all around the world as well as improving the economies of all of these countries as it provides millions upon millions of jobs and also improves infrastructure for factories. Not only do the USA have global economic influence, but they are also spreading their Western culture and lifestyle which attracts many foreign countries due to the supposedly laid
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