My Philosopy of Bilingual Education

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MY PHILOSOPHY OF BILINGUAL EDUCATION BY: PATRICIA GLENN QUIÑONES -----“Education should be related to an intercultural and interdependent world. A world in which education teaches man to foster sharing attitudes, to compete with oneself and not with others, learning to be tolerant, and to develop pity and solidarity for the suffering of mankind. A world free from prejudices, where learning to care, learning to be, learning to share, learning to grasp the whole and act on the parts, and learning to carry on learning should be society's main objectives.” (Miguel Ángel Escotet) We live in a highly globalized world that desperately needs people who will be proactive citizens of the world and leaders in intercultural communication. If we want to live in a world of peace, cooperation and harmony we need to have educational programs that will assist in forming young people who will help create this type of world. I believe that providing high quality education is a must in order for our societies and our economies to flourish. We face the challenge of providing quality education for all of our children. The different countries of the world have become increasingly more important for each other and a great deal of intersocietal cross-penetration has taken place. In particular, the part of the world that I live in, the borderland area between Mexico and the United States, has developed a very close symbiotic relationship. Immigration to the U.S. by Mexican and other Spanish speaking people has increased tremendously and more and more U.S. companies are setting up business in Mexico. For this reason, being bilingual in Spanish and English has become a real necessity and a major requirement for getting a job, doing business or just plain socializing and communicating with the people of the community. Furthermore, there are communities in the

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