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My Life Challenge Essay

  • Submitted by: saderiatimone
  • on April 29, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In life I’ve learned that there will always be challenges along the way. Sometimes things may become so hard to bear that you just may not feel like going on o pushing forward. But when one has faith that he or she will overcome any obstacle, things will get better and feel easier to handle as time goes by. Losing my father was my challenge. And I hope that after you read my story about my loss and its outcome you will learn never to give up and keep pushing forward when one of life’s challenges comes your way.
When I was only nine years old, I faced the tragedy of losing my father while he was fighting in Iraq. He was the most influential male in my life. He was not only my dad but also a very good friend and soldier. My father taught me many things about being a self-determined and responsible person. Which is why losing him was my most challenging life experience. Although life changed dramatically for me from then on, my family and I found ways to keep pressing forward.
As most people already know, as a young girl, a father figure is a very important role in your life. So the time I had with my father will forever be remembered and kept in my heart. Even simple things such as days in the park we had and when he tried to show me how to play sports, like baseball. Because I was only nine years old when he left for war I had a lot of growing up and changing to do while he was away. But although he was gone we always wrote each other and stayed in touch. And he always sent me beautiful gifts. This had a positive impact on me also. So finding out that I’d never get to write him or see him again was the most hurtful and depressing thing I’d ever known. Because I was my father’s only child, I believe losing him had a more forceful impact on me than anyone else. Growing up without his guidance and the discipline he had always instilled in me was tough but I was sure to always stay in the light of his ways.
In my life, this challenge is continuous and I believe I’m...

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