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Roberto Carrera Lessons From A Raisin in the Sun Lessons do not always have to be taught for someone to learn them. For example, the Youngers learn a great deal in A Raisin in the Sun. the family learns that they love each other, even if they may be oppressive. They learn hot to deal with all the conflict that comes their way. Then finally, the Youngers realize the value of pride. People can learn important lessons about life in a variety of ways, not only just by having it taught to them. The younger family learns to live with difficult people, including themselves. For example, how Ruth is able to put up with her husband even though he constantly nags about how nobody helps him. Ruth continues to live with Walter because she loves…show more content…
Mama is a devoted Christian woman and she is proud of it. She shows her love for god when she scolds and slaps Beneatha for saying that there is no god. This does not mean that Beneatha is without pride. She may not believe in god but she does believe in finding oneself and anti-assimilation. Beneatha hates assimilationist because they show no pride or respect in for their heritage. Walter may act like a fool at times but he may have more pride than any of the Youngers. He shows that he proud of his family when he says; " We have decided to move into our house because my father-my father- he earned it for us brick by brick". Pg.148 This shows his pride because he is talking about how his father worked himself to death just to keep his family alive. The Youngers may lose hope at times but they will never lose their…show more content…
They have learned to love each other if the person they love may become a fester or not show their love back and push someone who loves them away. They learn how to deal with conflicts that rise to get in the way of their hopes and dreams. The Youngers understand that they must never lose their pride no matter how desperate or malicious they may become. Besides these three lessons they also learn that they must become mature if they wish to be successful in life. They learn to deal with the mistakes they have done and learn from them. Maybe the greatest lesson The Youngers learn is that they must never let their greed overcome them Especially Walter when Mama corrects him when he says, " N0- it was always about money, Mama. We just didn't know about it." Pg.74 Throughout the time that this story began the Youngers has learned many lessons about

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