Charlie Gordon Research Paper

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1/22/2010 Charlie Gordon was a mentally challenged adult with a lot of desire to read and write. Everything he ever wanted or desired could have ended if one small thing in his operation to triple his IQ went wrong and that’s why I am against Charlie getting the operation. There are many reasons why he shouldn’t have gotten it, but there are three that stand out the most to me. One is that his life was put in great danger since it’s a brain surgery. Second was that there wasn’t enough research in the particular area, and third was that he will always remember being smart but never get the chance of being smart again. Charlie Gordon should have never put his life in danger just for his desire to learn and for science. Everything…show more content…
That’s how it must be for Charlie, ever since he regressed. The whole experiment failed and he is the one who paid the biggest price. He will always look back at his previous progress report and look at his grammar and how much he knew. Now he can’t even use normal everyday vocabulary. He will always remember how much he once loved Miss Kinnian so much and now he can’t even talk to her right without having her cry. He might always want to have that feeling of being smart, but he will never get the chance. Charlie will always be remembered for being dumb, foolish, and the first human to fail to triple his IQ, not for the sweet, kind, nice young man that he really was. Charlie was a young man with a lot of desire to read; unfortunately that great desire led him to a horrible experience. He actually risked his life and tried to triple his IQ, by going through a surgery. He was also cheated and was not told that there wasn’t enough research in that area. The saddest and worst effect was that he will always remember being a brilliant genius but he will never get the chance to be on again. That is just a little bit compared to the other sad things he went through, but that is why I am against him having the
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