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A Bird’s eye view Kawana Waters PSY 202 Judi Muhammad 11/15/10 I. Hometown a. City & State II. My Family a. Second oldest of six children b. Parents’ divorced and father’s absence III. Educational Experiences a. High school b. Beginning college IV. Jobs in my lifetime a. Summer cleaning program b. After school elementary activities program c. Fast food worker d. Department store worker e. College bookstore f. Computer support internship g. Support Specialist V. Personal, professional, and academic goals a. Future family b. Computer/School business c. Earning college degree VI. Contribute to the future a. Community b. World Introduction…show more content…
Many people would never open up and reveal the inner most parts of them by in which them being afraid by what may be uncovered. I am willing to share the stories of my family, the likes, the dislikes, the confusions, the toils and our commitment to each other. You will discover that through my childhood I’ve experienced many joys as well as abuse; mentally, physically, and emotionally. But through perseverance, I’ve learned that I can reach beyond the clouds to become more than what I’ve even expected of myself or what was portrayed of others. I’ve learned to depend on God who is the most important person in my life. I’ve learned that no matter what life sets up for me I’m an over comer and through him all things are possible. Many people would often say: “That their mother or father, president, or pastor would bring them inspiration and would be most important in their life,” but I can truly say that at this point in my life God has my undivided attention and I am his number one…show more content…
It seemed like I couldn’t tell anyone like I was trapped in a world of my own; no one to trust in, to believe in and to confide in. Years passed before I could talk about or tell anyone about my sexual abuse. It seemed like that no one would believe me, not of what happened but who it happened by. I experienced depression, confusion, intimidation and even a low self-esteem. It seemed as if I was experiencing hell at one place and time in my life, I needed someone or something to become a safety net, a resting place, a sign of hope. I found God through all the craziness in my past and I found him to be everything I need. It seems as if I can count on him more than anyone in my life from him restoring me mind body and soul. He is the most important person in my life, he rescued me when I couldn’t hang on he told me to hold on. I believe that if he didn’t come when he did, I would literally be lost and because of him showing and making me feel that I am somebody, through compassion and overwhelming love I wouldn’t have achieved and conquered the things that I have

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