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My Heritage My heritage is a mixture of five different heritages .My father’s heritage is Puerto Rican. My mother like me is a mix of four different Irish, Mohawk Iroquois, Austrian and German. As a result I am Puerto Rican, Indian, Irish, Austrian, and German and very proud of them all. I’m going to tell you a little about each one. Puerto Rican: Puerto Ricans are known for their warm personality often considered friendly and expressive to strangers. The term nuyorican is a term used to identify a person of Puerto Rican descent born in New York like my dad. The population of Puerto Rico is 3,958,128 people (as of June 2008). The food of Puerto Ricans consists mainly of rice, meat, beans .The spices are adobo, sofrito and sazon. It is used to rub on the meat, chicken and fish to add flavor. The beans come in many types’ black, red, pink white, and green. Rice is usually yellow or white. One Spanish meal is Arroz Con Pollo which is chicken & rice. We use huge heavy kettles called caldero (rice pot) to cook in. Desert is sometimes made with plantains (green bananas).Our favorite Puerto Rican desert is Flan.(custard) Famous people that are Puerto Rican are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Roberto Clemente a baseball player for the Pittsburg Pirates. Felix “Tito” Trinidad a famous world champion boxer (my dad’s favorite). Mohawk Iroquois Indian: We are from the Mohawk Iroquois Indian tribe. Our clan is the Turtle Clan. My mom lived on an Indian reservation in Tonkawa Oklahoma as a young girl. Our reservation is in Canada. Indians celebrate with get togethers called pow-wows where they play native music and dance “Fancy Dances” in their regalia. Fancy dances are the dances Indians do usually imitating animals such as an eagle flying. Regalia is the clothes worn by the Indians like moccasins, headdress, dear skins, breech cloths and leggings. They were

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