My Favourite Sport Is Basketball Essay

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My Favourite Sport The sport of basketball is known as a fun and exciting way to spend time for many adults, teens and children. Although to some, it is known as a great way to pastime, to many others, it is seen as a passion. Of course, watching the game exciting enough but playing the sport makes the game interactive and thrilling. As a teen, ever since I was very young, basketball has played a huge impact in my life as the sport went from a hobby, to a strong passion. In my opinion there isn't one, two or even 100 ways of describing the sport as it pushes the players playing to game to their limits. Now, even though there are many beneficiaries to basketball, it has some negatives to the sport as well. Luckily precautions can be taken to make sure the negatives effects are greatly reduced. But, even though there are negative effects, basketball is my passion and my favourite hobby. Therefore I truly believe basketball is my favourite sport because it allows for active living, community involvement and strengthening a different variety of basketball required skills. Firstly, in my opinion, I believe actively living is one of the most important aspects in life. To begin, living a healthy lifestyle starts with daily activity and basketball is a great way to have fun while burning calories at the same time. Due to the little space and equipment required to play the sport compared to other sports like tennis, even playing alone is fun and exciting. Next, stress also plays a huge role in the lives of many. Basketball is also known as a stress reliever because it usually takes one's mind off stressful situations such as writing essays for English class. Regardless of all the great things about basketball, there are still negative effects of the sport which include the dangers of injury. If precautions such as joint braces, stretches and correct rest aren't

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