Compare And Contrast Jordan And Lebroon James

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Jeremy Skopal Professor Greene English 1302.w00 6 February 2014 LeBron James or Michael Jordan? LeBron James is known as the best basketball player in the world, although some would argue Michael Jordan was the best, MJ no longer plays and their style of play is a lot different making the two almost incomparable. LeBron is also one of the most criticized players in the history of sports because of the way he left the Cleveland Cavilers. He promised the people of Cleveland that he was not leaving until he brought an NBA championship to the city. Instead of doing so, he left for the Miami Heat where he has now won two straight NBA championships. But Michael Jordan won 6 championships. Do championships have a say on who exactly is the better player? Given the fact that the sport of basketball is team oriented, you really can’t make a clear judgment on who is the better player based primarily on…show more content…
In that era the game was played at a relatively slower pace, play calling was more important, defensive orientated, and scoring was more technique. In today’s basketball era the game is much more fast paced, a lot more athletic ability, a lot more highflying dunks, and just an overall faster game pace with many more fast breaks with 3 pointers and alley-hoops going up. Michael Jordan was more of a spot and shoot kind of player although he had a lot of athletic ability and could easily take the ball to the rim for a highflying dunk he was primarily an eagle eye of a shooter. What Michael Jordan did best was make plays and create something out of nothing. He was a play maker and that was his best trait when it came to his ability to play basketball. LeBron James can shoot the ball as well but he is not the shooter Michael Jordan was. LeBron is more of a take the ball to the rim and dunk it in your face kind of guy. LeBron has a bigger build and is powerful especially

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